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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sneak peak


Hi guys, it's getting late. But still I'm determined to post something here. Like a sneak peak of my NEW BUSY LIFE. I've just stop doing my lab report and it is finish halfway. Poor me where there are still 3 lab report waiting and 10 killer Ecology questions more like a quiz need to be submit this upcoming Wednesday and Thursday. And next week I have a presentation too. And the online forum that I have to submit before this Wednesday. How cool is that?

A BIG help needed  here!

So, the thing is this night and tomorrow night there will be a dinner for sekretariat Kebudayaan and 2k. Makanya, mana sajalah masa yang boleh saya curi untuk akdemik dan diri saya sendiri? Tepuk dada tanya google. Boleh? 4 lab a week equal to 12 hours a week. And not to forget the most boring subjects on earth. English. 

And a big responsibility that I have to bear. Be a Majlis Perhubungan Mahasiswa is not easy at all. Especially as a Biologist/ Scientist in training (Haha.Funny.) How to balance my studies and attend meeting every night, manage college programs and stuff in floor as well as floormate and college activities? If only I can reproduce asexually thru binary fission. One part of myself doing this, and the other part doing that. How brilliant!

Ahah! and Sekretariat stuff. Be as a Ketua Biro was like noooooo. Please don't! Tapi tu la, yang tak nak tu la  yang dapat. What if I can't manage all this? What if it will affect my result? What if I can't gives 100% on my academics and responsibilities as a student? As MPM? As floorep? As ketua biro?

Ya Allah, I do need strength.

Pray for me, will ya?

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