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Saturday, November 12, 2011



I have always looking forward for the forum or ceramah yang akan membincangkan mengenai isu couple, early marriage and etc in a fun way. I mean watch it with friends, will make it even more interesting aite. So, just now, yes it is really just now, I've got the chance to listen to this kind of forum, while chit chatting with friends of mine, laughing, generating ideas, digest everything as well as taking the input and sematkan dihati. :)

Memandangkan this whole weak penuh dengan aktiviti Minggu Semarakkan Sahsiah, so the environment in my college is kind a different. Asmaul husna, nasyid, hafazan and many more. So I will just grab the opportunity and support this event, not to forget "merit thing" too.  :P

Okay berbalik pada forum Shirt VS Dress, this is what I got. 

First, if you respect Islam as a religion of yours then will you do this couple couple thingy? Ouh, this is my own words but you know what I mean right? Me myself, pernah melalui fasa hidup yang "begitu". Well, people do change and I am trying to improve. Still improving.

Kadang kadang, bila baca status someone talking about this crappy lovey dovey thingy with buayafriend, uploading their pictures during dating time, I will feel annoyed. Sorry to say. This is not a negative thinking of mine, it is just like I would say " tak malu ke. Menghalalkan yang haram. Dan nyata itu haram". But then, the ustaz cakap don't even judge people. We see what is not right, so pray for them and ambil iktibar and pengajaran. InsyaAllah I will do it.  :) 

It is like our norm. Couple is not even a sin. It is a norm!

Pasal kahwin awal. Yes, elok sangat kahwin awal. Tapi, kalau nak kahwin awal sebab tak tahan, then what it is? Avoid zina. Yes. But then? Even worst, this couple islamic (urgh!) mintak permission kahwin awal juga untuk elak zina. Yes. Elak zina. Tapi still there are a lot of other solution untuk elak zina. What it is? Jaga batasan lelaki dan perempuan. Then, baru la betul. 

Early marriage need mature thinking, big responsibility and many more. Kena fikir jugak, sudah cukup ke berbakti kepada orang tua? Yakin ke boleh mendidik anak ke arah kebaikan, way of Islam. Easy to say, kahwin awal, but then...
 But hey! If you are really qualified, then I would say go for it!!

This is just something that cross my mind and I spill it out here.
A reminder for me and you.

Im looking forward for this pulak!

P/S: Dengar cerita Zack Zukhairi sambung belajar kat UPM.

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