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Sunday, July 3, 2011



One of the scientific name of which I remember. 
Then we have Cephalopoda, Gastropoda, Agaricus, what else?

Ouh, let me translate it for you in case you guys never learned Biodiversity.
So, Cephalopoda is any member of molusscan class and  they are marine animal. 
So, can you guess what is Cephalopod?
Cephalopod is a squid. Sotong goreng. Temptation.

Gastropoda are a group of animal that are commonly known as snails. 
So, mulai hari ini kalau terselisih dengan siput khinzir marilah kita samasama menggelarkannya Gastropoda
Lebih modern namanya. = P

Okay, lastly here we come to Agaricus.
Can you guess what it is?

Ha pandai!
Agaricus adalah mushrooms.

So, what is Macrobrachium?

Here is the answer.

Sorry peningkan korang dengan scientific words.
Well, ilmu yang berguna juga kan?


Ohh Byha said...

Johnny lagiiiiiiiii :(
arghhh .

Shyra. said...

jom byha! kite g makan johnnys nanti same2. :)

Infinity Love said...

ermmmmmmmmm...jelesss !

Shyra. said...

kenapa jeles infinity love???

Anonymous said...

giler..ssh nk mampos nk sebut micro ape ntah..huhu

Shyra. said...

hahaha.xdela susah sgt encik sifu.

Infinity Love said...

tak pernah makan! huwaaaaaaa :(

Shyra. said...

takpe.nanti makan ye. :)