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Saturday, June 25, 2011



'Romanticism is one such falsehood that is erroneously thought to
be "true." In a society where people do not live by the true religion,
romanticism is portrayed as a favourable quality peculiar to
compassionate, good people.'

Betul kan.
 Dalam masyarakat kita couple tu dah macam perkara biasa.
 Tak ada yang salah kalau lelaki dan perempuan bercouple. 
Bertambah hebat, ada pulak ibu bapa yang risau tengok anak dorang tak ada kekasih.

'Love is indeed a wonderful emotion, accorded to humanity by
God, but it is important to distinguish whether that love is real or not,
and to consider who it is directed to, and what sentiments it is
founded on. Such investigation should make apparent the difference
between a sentimentalism that leads to perverse love, and real love, as
revealed to us by God in the Qu'ran.'

Kembali kepada landasan yang betul.
Tak kira lah dahulunya kita macam mana sekalipun.
Changing for good is not a crime.

Peringatan untuk kalian dan diri sendiri juga.

source : Romanticism a weapon of satan

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