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Friday, June 24, 2011

How to deal with a liar, anyone?


Kalau telinga rasa nak dengar lagu rock je sepanjang masa tak kira lah metallica, system of a down, 30 seconds to mars, breaking benjamin, three days grace, you name it. Apa tandanya tu? Let me answer it, you are not in a stable condition I guess. Oh yes. I'm in a mood of miserable. 

By the way, how to deal with a big fat liar? 
A good pretender treat me like a good friends.
But the truth is s/he is a liar.

Yang menyedihkan lagi adalah, dear you are not a good liar la. 
The truth is still the truth that you don't have to deny. 
It's not a beautiful lie.
It's not a beautiful denial.
You fail.

So, after this how am I supposed to treat you back?
Any suggestion guys?

p/s: If you read this, then tell me.


perempuan said...

If I were you, I would ignore them.
Or use sarcasm instead. Being sarcastic is a fun and annoying way to show what you feel, indirectly.

But the best solution is, to face them and tell them the truth. That they are a big fat stupid liar.

Shyra. said...

good idea! thanx!!

Fee Hafeezah ketuk keyboard said...

Tak best lah tipu2, cz pergi mana2 jumpa jugak muka si penipu tuh..Hey, penipu..kau tak tahu malu ke ha ? adoiiii :)

Shyra. said...

fee: tah. macam aq bodoh sgt je nak tertipu bagai.