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Monday, May 2, 2011

International Book Fair

Going somewhere?
Train is such a major problem at KTM Serdang.

So, we are heading to Putra after 3 attempts getting into the train.
For the fourth times it was the VICTORY.

Smile while waiting.
Can you do that after all the attempts?
But yeah they can!

What would you expect at the book fair?
Here it goes.

Upin and Ipin doing chicken dance.
To entertain all the kids I think.

Gempak starz have a huge fans I tell you.
Even macho guys are collecting all the mushy-lovey-dovey-comics.

With discounts.
I'm not interested in magazine since... I can't remember.
Say bye bye to Klik! Utopia Galaxie dan seangkatan dengannya.

Children's books.
For me, they are expensive even with all the discounts.

English novel which I love. 

But still, the only reason I came here is to get Hlovate's new novel to complete my collection!
Full of satisfaction.

What else I bought?
Solusi, La Tahzan Gadis, Contengan Jalanan and Lovely Bones.
Bekalan untuk 4 bulan nanti. 

Okay, for the first time tengok rakyat Malaysia gigih membaca buku di KTM sambil nak tunggu train.
Amazing kan penangan pesta buku ni?
Let's read out loud!

Perjalanan pulang sangat smooth sebab beli tiket pergi-balik. Tell you what, panjang giler orang beratur nak beli tiket train. Nasib kami baik nampaknya. So, that is all for now. Have a good day with new books! 



qinairaulfa. said...

aku memang suka sangat naik ktm.haha

Shyra. said...

upa. bawak la kete sem depan. :P

IzudeanIzed said...

novel english.....! aku terlepas tahun nie...! :(

Shyra. said...

lah dean. ko asyik meronggeng kat alamanda je. sebab tu pesta buku pun terlepas. hehehe.

Cik Rara! said...

waaahhh!! jelesnyer~

Shyra. said...

rara ko jual mahal sangat xnak follow. hurrmmm.