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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Random talk

Salam and morning everyone!

Yesterday, I watched konsert Akademi Fantasia 9. Frankly speaking, it was too boring till I sleep and you know what (for those who never watch Diari AF9) those AF students live in glass house inside the AEON shopping centre. Funny right? Okay, if you want to say that it is creative or so whatever terserah la. Bhahaha.

Next, okay tension. I  still cannot register my course for semester 3 as my PA did not activate my account yet. She said she already activate all the account but. What about mine? Overlooked?

Lastly, sad mood. I'm going back to KL after Zohor. Ah I hate this feeling, really! Luckily I already have durian, mom's cook, sleep with comforter with the air-cond on, watching tv and online without limit;fast using streamyx. Awesomeness at home!! So, another balik rumah is a month from now. T________T

Hey, entry without any pictures huh. And have you ever realized any changes to my bloggie? New header and new background. I think my old header and background make my blog look dull so I change it to more happier mood. Gurly mood. Erghh so not me. But cute lah this colour!

Oke, I will stop now. Thanks for those who dropping by! Have a nice day yeah!
Salam.  (:


Anonymous said...

kami budak asasi PA xyah conformkan terus boleh daftar..special case.. :D

and new layout and lah..haha :)

and lepas nie picknik ramai2 kat TPU jom..

Shyra. said...

haha. ko fakulti lain. aku fakulti sains! piknik kat tpu?? jom!!

FaiZaH YaaKuB said...

new header...sweet :)

Shyra. said...

faizah: thanx!! hehe