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Thursday, November 11, 2010


It was the last day for extra-curricular activities for this semester.
And we have a match between all the club.
Rather than compete for the first place, I choose to have some fun with no pressure.
Second place out of six groups are really not bad okay!

23 OCTOBER 2010.
8.00 - 6.30

It was exhausting, I tell you. (^_^)''

An expensive glove and a veryvery cute ball for VICTORY!

Striking red for VICTORY!
*player MASUM berseluar merah

With supporting supporters.

Pembuat teh o tarik juga turun menyokong! Oh yeah.

Interesting activity : jualan lambak murahmurah.

Penyokong jualan lambak murahmurah. ;ppp

And the best pictures among the best goes toooooooo....
This one!

Nampak tak ade ape dalam bulatan putih itu?
Ya itulah dia mr. bolabola hijau seperti warna alien yang cute brings to victory!

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