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Friday, July 22, 2011

Family outing


A great sweet escape, where we are heading to Jusco after Majlis doa selamat dekat rumah hari tu. Well, it was actually my cousin plan that she asked her brother, Wan to take us to Jusco. Planning to watch movie, maybe Harry Potter but at last no movies. Full house even for midnight movies. It's Saturday. Nasib baik dapat tengok Harry Potter hari Isnin lepas. 

So then, we are having makanmakan dengan HEAVEN-nya. Secret Recipe with my cousin on Saturday and again Secret Recipe with my friends on Monday before tengok Harry. Habis kering poket. Duit gaji please come to mama. Hurry. Desperately.

Ouh ya. Then so suddenly, the other family members come to Jusco too. And this is what we call as family outing. Ramairamai serang 1 shopping complex. Not 'Family Outing' korean variety show okay!

Hey family. Lamanya tak pergi holiday ramairamai macam dulu.
 Empat Lima family pergi holiday sekali yukk!


kura said...

Eh. ada adib la. kawan lama kawan lama.

Shyra. said...

@kura wuhwuh. seperti kerinduan sama adib disitu. hahaha

Anonymous said...

nyum nyum... mcm sedap je kek tuuu! ngeeeeeeeeee :p

INFINITY LOVE (segan nak sign in) ;p

Shyra. said...

@infinity love segan nak sign in ke malas ni? hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

alamakkk! kantoi sudah..haha ;p

infinity love