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Thursday, June 23, 2011


What a boring day I tell you. 
Babe! Get a life la.

So, atas sebab bosan tahap petala kelapanpuluhlapan saya dengan ini telah diluar alam main kuiz. Seriously, I should get a life. lol. But, it was interesting. Let me show ya.

What kind of Naruto character would you be?

Once from the village of the Mist you ran to the village in the Leaves for a better life. 
Seriously? Naaa..

Your one of those girls that love anyone. You love to be nice and would rather avoid a fight. 
Love anyone? Whatta! Love to be nice and avoid fight yes it is ME!

If you have to, you tend to use genjutsu on your opponent. You don't have a bf but your crushing hard on Sasuke like the rest. 
Genjutsu? Err. Should I watch Naruto again? Forgot about all jutsu stuff. 
Yes! I do love Sasuke. No bf. :)

Your descripton: you have multi-colored hair and wear any bright happy colors. Your goal in life is to leave the village of the leaf one day and see the world.
Multi-colored hair? Hahaha. Do you mean shawl dear?
See the world! Agree.

Will you make a good parent someday?

Well your kind and you care a lot about your children and you make them as your first priority but most importantly your equal with your children! :)
That is soooo true!

Again. It is fun and funny guys! Why not you try?

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