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Friday, May 13, 2011

Mind your languange

Whether it is kid's nowadays language or it is some kind of influence from others, I don't know but still I hate the way it is been written like that. What am I talking about is in many social networks such as myspace, friendster, facebook, blog or so whatever I have noticed that most of the kids age 13 y/o to 17 y/o use rude words or sometimes curse others with inappropriate words. Right?

Or maybe it is just me who noticed it, or it is maybe just me who have friends underage that behave like that. Okay, no offense. I have been through this underage stage but those 'words' never cross my mind at all. You know words like f**k and so on. Even words like 'bodoh lah kau' pun takot nak cakap because at that time for me 'bodoh' is really like 'BODOH', so rude you know. But at the age like me I mean now, I used 'bodoh' sometimes but I don't really mean it. It is just like you said 'bodoh' loudly when you watched Bawang Putih Bawang Merah.

Or is it the immature stage where they do not know whether it is right or wrong? Seriously? If yes, yeah their teachers have to give more effort to teach them thoroughly. It is normal for boys, but for sweet girls who acted like that, it makes me to post something about it in my blog. A words of advice, please don't show others how weak you are in controlling yourself. Don't show others that you are lack of manners. And do not let others think that your parents didn't teach you how to be good.

As simple as that right? 
So, jangan jadikan tempattempat public ni kotor dengan ayatayat cacian, menghina orang, mencarut untuk luahkan perasaan or apaapa jela. I laughed when get across with words like that whether in fb or blog, but deep in my heart I hope he or she realized that by doing this, they show how stupid they are in front of the public. Please, don't show me how stupid you are. Is is not difficult to use normal words. Just have a try. Then you know.

Change for good is not a crime.

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