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Friday, February 25, 2011

Hari 1 Malaysia di persada dunia

Upm still in a good condition as usual despite the chaos that occured in the administration building. I am in a good condition, nothing affected me. Bhahaha. Just finished reading a newspaper and topics about Upm covered 3 stories. And all the outsiders which is not warga upm lah kan keep talking about this issues badly. Who are you to judge? Wah, bunyi macam marah je kan. Tak lah. Tapi tulah *ceyh tetibe cakap melayu* siapa kita untuk tunding jari kat manamana pihak lagilagi orang luar yang tak tahu apaapa.

Um and Upm gempar time pilihanraya. This one hilang kate kena culik and the other one kecoh pasal pintu pecah. Eh tak, kecoh sebab kena tarik balik pencalonan. Okay, I do not want to involve in this pilihanraya thingy. And you, you and you the outsider do not easily jump into a conclusion macam bhep tepahape or mahasiswa like mawasiswa or apaapa jelah. Wah kau tak tahu apaapa senangsenag je nak cakap itu ini. 

Okay back to the main story. Last week, saturday and sunday my college have this "1 Malaysia di persada dunia". Kolej Matrikulasi Johor have been invited to join this program and me myself, Yana and Tiera handled them for a day. Here are some pictures taking all the bebudak matriks around upm.

They are really excited being here. Bercitacita nak jadi warga fakulti sains maybe.  (:

A talk from miss yana. 

They said  'Kite bakor jeee' and snap!

Here at Karnival Fonesta.

Berkayak at kolej 14 ke 12. Oke lupe.  :p

Nothing to say.

Just happening.

At bukit ekspo. Panas!

Our 3rd time being here. Haha. Baru 3 kali, buat malu jep!

This is what happen at Kolej Tun Dr. Ismail. I'm busy with the booth and at the same time managing the bebudak KMJ. Erkk. Exhausted! 8 a.m until 12 midnight. Puff. 

Luckily, this bro tolong woh!

We have sumpitsumpit here.  (:

Playing ape-tah-ke-nama-nya.

Then, on sunday I was not around but I have some pictures to show you guys the activity of bebudak KMJ during that day. Kak Mimi bring them to IBS or Padang Ragut wah so jealous! Jealous! Tak tipu memang jealous.

Hee. Next time lah show you guys the pictures. Nak tengok cerita korea. Annyeong!

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