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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hana Tajima

Who is she ' Hana Tajima'

Okay, do not know why this early in the morning so suddenly wanted to tell you guys something about this brilliant girl Hana Tajima. For those yang kenal tu I guess you guys mesti hijab blog suffer kan? Bhahaha. Naa just kidding tapi seriously girls yang rajin pergi youtube and searched for a new style to wear your hijab mesti kenal dia kan. 

There are many interesting facts behind this name. Tell you what, she is 23 years old British Japanese designer who converted to Muslim 5 years ago. She got her own line Maysaa and semua dress dia sangat lah cantik. Sila lah check it out! 

Nah, ini cara lain siket untuk pakai pashmina yang dinamakan headscarf. A tutorial from Hana Tajima.

PeeAss : Sangat shantek okayh die nih.

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