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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Peperiksaan kata mari.

This is the conversation between Minachi and the owner of the blog.

How come you still wanted to update this blog even though the examination is just around the corner lot.
.question mark question mark.

Ouh my dear, updating this blog is like a routine for me. Cannot keep it aside.

So wasting of time.

Hurt already. Slap slap. Wow such a satisfaction! ;))

What can i say, this is the " PERJUANGAN UNTUK HIDUP".

Table combat on the BATTLEFIELD.

08/11/10 - Biology of Microorganism

10/11/10 - Tamadun Islam dan tamadun asia

11/11/10 - Cell and Molecular Biology

12/11/10 - Hubungan Etnik

14/11/10 - Science Philosophy


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