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Friday, November 19, 2010


Sediakan payung sebelum hujan.

We will be tested by Allah in a variety of ways. All the flood at north Malaysia is really out of the blue. Sebab selalunya pantai timur yang sentiasa banjir bila waktuwaktu macam ni. Perasan x? Can you imagine how are they, our saudara dekat utara deal with it? Yeah, as long as we are not in the shoes then we cannot really understand the situation. Am I right?

So here I am in Perak, feeling so grateful, peaceful yet cheerless for the fate that befell for our brothers and sisters in Kedah and Perlis. I'm living in a great environment with all those people that I love. I'm having a great semester break although I have nothing to do here so I just sit at home and wasting time. haha. But hey I've got 2 things to do which is spaghetti and flan. Let's see how it will happen later.

It seems like my brain is not functioning well right now. I am lack with idea, feel bad for myself. It is not suppose to happen like this because usually my brain is full of story and just need to spill it out in this little blog but here I am now. Blur, emotionless.

Okay I will stop here. I'm going to find my old me that always have something to tell, eagerly to write and full of stories. Frankly, there are a lot of "something" that I wanna tell you but I'm not in that mood. So till the mood come. See ya. Salam.

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